Lisa Kretz Bridging Theory to Action: Hope and Climate Change

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How can we bring into being the world we wish to see, a world where compassion shapes our relationships with the environment and our kin who inhabit it? Lisa Kretz (PhD) has spent over a decade researching what moves people from the conscious understanding that they ought to do something to being empowered act, and emotion plays a crucial role. If we are going to adequately ethically respond to climate change we need emotional tools like hope to help us unite to make the government reflect the will of the people—and we have evidence it is achievable, you just need 3.5% of the population out, loud, and caring.

Lisa Kretz

Associate Professor, University of Evansville

Lisa Kretz is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Evansville where they direct the Ethics program, which houses the Ethics and Social Change major. Lisa is Canadian, and studied at the University of Western Ontario (Bachelor of Arts with Distinction in Philosophy and Art; Bachelor of Education with Distinction), the University of Alberta (Master of Arts in Philosophy), and Dalhousie University (Doctor of Philosophy). Recent and forthcoming publications are at the intersection of areas such as: the theory-action gap, motivational framing for action, ecological emotions (with a special emphasis on hope), moral psychology, the politics of emotion, the ethical treatment of nonhuman animals, and activist pedagogy. See:

Lisa has been a fan of TED Talks for years. They are a fantastic method for the sharing of ideas across a diversity of perspectives. It is only through listening with open hearts, and speaking with open hearts, that we are able to evolve as a species. Lisa could not be more delighted to be participating in the wider conversation that TED Talks encourage.