Cindy Petrov Alfaro Why Engaging Your Community in Your Struggle Story Can Change The World

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Latinas make up 2% of attorneys in the U.S., 5% overall are women and men according to the Americans Bar Association (ABA). Of a community that is 18% and growing, very few Latinos have access to justice, adequate legal representation, and access to changing a community with education. While these statistics are valuable in measuring “success”, what we really need to know about people we learn from their story of struggle. 
Cindy Petrov-Alfaro reminds us that sharing our struggle story is the best way to inspire others into creating the change they need in their lives to further impact those around them. 

Cindy Petrov Alfaro

Founder, Lawtina LLC

Cindy Alfaro J.D, is a two-time graduate from the University of Southern Indiana, with Bachelors in English and History. She graduated from Indiana Law School Robert H. McKinney School of Law in May of 2018 and is the first Temporary Protected Status (TPS) in the history of an Indiana University law school to attend and graduate law school. Cindy is the Founder of Lawtina LLC, and socially conscious company with the purpose of empowering Latinx in higher education and the legal field. Lawtina LLC provides resources, shares #StruggleStories turned into empowerment stories, provides a Guest Writer Program platform, created the Latinx in the Law Video Series dedicated to law students and lawyers providing first-hand experiences to Latinx online, and more. Paired with the ability to empower students, Lawtina LLC also sells Empowerment Merchandise that is not often available to the Latinx community, and 10% of profits will be used to create and fund the Lawtina Foundation. “I want to be a part of TEDxEvansville because Evansville is my hometown, and the place that gave me so many opportunities to grow and develop as a professional. Key individuals in our community believed in me, and in turn I want to help my community with my talents and bring a breathe of fresh air to the place I call my home.”