Angela Graves Breaking Down Communication Barriers

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The basic building blocks of any society are those of clear communication; that is the sharing of ideas between individuals. Strong communication builds strong relationships. Strong relationships build strong community. And, strong communities build a strong society. At the core of our spoken language is the need to hear. It is my hope this talk takes away the power hearing loss has been granted in destroying relationships.

Angela Graves

Audiologist, Hearing Healthcare Center

Dr. Graves grew up on a small farm 25 miles north of Fr. Wayne. As a 10 year 4-H’er, Purdue University was the only logical choice for her to pursue a Bachelor and a Master of Science in Audiology and Hearing Sciences. When her three beautiful daughters were in their teens, she went to school on-line for her doctorate degree. She opened Hearing Healthcare Center as the only independent doctor of audiology in Evansville on January 2, 2013. She loves what she does or she wouldn’t still be at it after 30 years. She and her dog Levi spend their free time outside chasing sticks and listening to frogs. But, maybe not in that order.