Zac Parsons on Evansville

Zac Parsons, TEDxEvansville licensee, shares why Evansville is ready for TEDx and how our community’s renaissance inspired the theme.

Big Ideas from a Small City

There’s a true sense of pride that I see in the phrase “the smallest city in the country to have a [fill in the blank].”

A peek through our history and around our city reveals things you don’t expect to see in a community of our size: a commitment to the arts and to promoting the performing and the visual arts, history covering both landing ships and baseball fields, and a thriving downtown with one of the most inviting places to open a business anywhere in the country. We have a zoo, multiple award-winning hospitals, schools that are among the best in the country, and a sense of community tying it all together in ways you can’t manufacture.

And now, we have ourselves a TEDx – a vessel for the best we have to come together as one to present new and inspiring ideas that will take us into the future.

This renaissance, this showcase of a new attitude and a new wave of doers and thinkers is a true throwback. Walking the streets of the historic district and admiring the architecture of Evansville past, you can’t help but believe that the man and women who shaped our civic spirit and pride were full of Ideas Worth Spreading.

Their dedication to making this city better, brick by brick, has led us to today: at a museum that on paper shouldn’t exist, a new generation of bold ideas will be shared that will help our city continue its incredible trend of coming together to build and share great things.

If you’re up for it, pull up a seat and sit with us as our “small city” shows us just how big its ideas can be.

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