Michael Strezewski The Mann Site: Indiana’s first capital

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Filmed October 2015
at the Koch Immersive Theater, Evansville Museum

The Mann site is an archaeological site just east of Mount Vernon, Indiana. Though it looks like an ordinary farm field today, almost 2,000 years ago, Mann was a bustling center of trade, religious ceremony and settlement and was one of the most important places in the eastern U.S. This talk focuses on what we know about the Mann site and discusses current research that helps us better understand what activities were happening there and why Mann deserves a more prominent place in the history of the Hoosier State.

Michael Strezewski

Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Southern Indiana

For the past 23 years, Michael Strezewski has dedicated his work to studying history. In that time, he has authored numerous articles and papers on the history and prehistory of the Hoosier state. In addition to teaching at the University of Southern Indiana, his research interests include Harmonist occupation of New Harmony from 1814-1824, Indiana’s fur trade period from 1700-1825 and pre-contact Native American cultures in southwestern Indiana.