Andre’a Grace Phillips Secondhand Addiction

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Filmed October 2018
at the USI Performance Center

“Secondhand Addiction” is a series of potentially harmful side effects on someone who has a loved one with a substance use disorder. Andréa Grace Phillips is the mother of an only son, Roman, who died from complications of his decade-long struggle with a substance use disorder. In her talk, she will be sharing the personal experiences with her son’s disease that led her to identify her own Secondhand Addiction symptoms. She will also discuss strategies for thriving in the midst of the ongoing trauma of both loving and losing a child to the epidemic sweeping our country.

Andre’a Grace Phillips

Andréa Grace Phillips is an Associate Certified Coach, a Family Recovery Coach, and has a B.A. in Organizational Management. She’s a Member of the Evansville Mayors Substance Abuse Task Force, and Founder of the F.A.S.T. Initiative. She is also the Mother of an only son who passed in 2017 from complications due to a Substance Use Disorder. Her purpose is to continue to raise awareness about the impact of Secondhand Addiction and also, invite others to choose to
fully live after the loss of a child to this epidemic.