Sean Wallace Second chance

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Filmed October 2015
at the Koch Immersive Theater, Evansville Museum

This talk addresses second chances and uses barbed wire art as a reflection of life. It speaks not only to this community, but to the state, the country, and the world. It shows that everybody deserves a second chance for rebirth, renewal and revival. Showing how old barbed wire can be transformed into something unique and priceless shows that those who have been cast aside, whether by themselves or by others can be given a second chance to do the same with their lives.

Sean Wallace

Owner, Windows of Opportunity - Barbed Wire Art

Sean Wallace grew up in Silent Hill, Jamaica. One of 13 children, Sean’s God-given artistic gifts led him to draw and paint on any materials he could find. After arriving in the United States, he honed his originality, and in 2013, created a unique artistry using old barbed wire. Sean describes his inspiration, “I want my art to be created through the eyes of God. It’s been through His wisdom and guidance that my talents are being developed. The use of barbed wire is a fitting reflection of His soft strength.”