Steve Burger Public media’s role in the renaissance

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Filmed October 2015
at the Koch Immersive Theater, Evansville Museum

What if you held a renaissance, and no one noticed? The stories that chronicle the failures and triumphs of a community’s renaissance require time, research and thoughtful discussion. They will not contain many fire trucks, car wrecks or meth labs, and they will not appeal to the reptilian center of the brain required to push items to the top of commercial newscasts. The good news is that you already own the means to ensure the stories are told. It’s time for public media to expand its role as the strong media arm of the community.

Steve Burger

Vice President of Radio & Digital WNIN, Tri-State Public Media

After spending more than two decades in media, Steve Burger knows the power of storytelling. He has worked in several on-air and management roles in radio and television news as well as with the successful local news site. In 2015, he managed the team that produced a national Edward R. Marrow Award for a documentary on three autistic teens. Through it all, Steve has witnessed the evolution of media and maintains that we all have the power to chronicle the stories of our community’s renaissance through public media.