Robin Mallery Chocolate Mindfulness Exercise

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Filmed October 2015
at the Koch Immersive Theater, Evansville Museum

Mindfulness is an invitation to slow down – an opportunity to create a positive shift in brain chemistry that leads to physical and emotional health benefits. What better way to practice mindfulness than to savor a piece of chocolate in a full-sensory exercise? You will experience the sensuousness of mindful eating during this slow and pleasurable nibbling.

Robin Mallery

Community Volunteer, Registered Nurse, Health Educator

Robin Mallery wants you to slow down and eat chocolate! After 35 years in the healthcare industry, Robin has seen her share of health issues. In 2008, she founded HeartMatters to help people initiate personalized behavior change in all aspects of physical and emotional health and well-being. Through practicing mindfulness, she helps clients create a positive shift in brain chemistry … and savor life.