Roneshia Clark Evans Beyond Black & Blue

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Filmed October 2016
at the Koch Immersive Theater, Evansville Museum

After the back and forth between #Blacklivesmatter and #BacktheBlue taking over headlines and social media, Roneshia Evans seeks to offer a unconventional solution of seeking to understand and have open and honest dialogue. Pretending that race is not an issue, or claiming to be colorblind, is a false proclamation that further perpetuates the racial divide. People claim to be colorblind but are preoccupied with two colors and are picking sides. At times witty, thought provoking, and passionate, Evans suggests moving from colorblindness to color consciousness.

Roneshia Clark Evans

Ph.D. Student, Diversity Educator

Roneshia is the the owner of two businesses, Confetti and ICING on the CAKE. Currently, she is pursuing her doctorate in counseling education and supervision from the University of the Cumberlands.