TEDxEvansville Theme Announced


Danielle Falconer
TEDxEvansville Volunteer
Mobile: 317.413.3475

TEDxEvansville announces renaissance as the theme to October program

EVANSVILLE, IND. – Local volunteer organizers of TEDxEvansville have announced the October 13, 2015, event held at the Evansville Museum’s Koch Immersive Theater, will be built around the idea of “renaissance,” a fitting topic as the Evansville community currently experiences a rebirth, revival, and amplification of energy and excitement, in many ways. Organizers seek dynamic speakers to use the concept of renaissance to inform, inspire, surprise and delight.

Zac Parsons, TEDxEvansville licensee, said, “Evansville has a lot of inspiring people and inspiring ideas that aren’t connected enough. All the time, I’m surprised to learn about people in our community who are doing interesting things, have interesting stories or interesting projects that others haven’t heard about. TED is all about ideas worth spreading. Through TEDxEvansville, we’re curating the best of Evansville all in one spot and placing attention on it.”

Individuals who would like to speak at TEDxEvansville may express their interest at TEDxEvansville.com. The TEDxEvansville committee will review speaker applications and select presenters following personal interviews and auditions with the committee. The community can also access the website to find out more about other ways to get involved with TEDxEvansville, such as experiencing, volunteering at or sponsoring the event.

Parsons said the TEDxEvansville organizers were inspired by the idea of renaissance because “Evansville has a great legacy. From building LSTs, to innovating with plastics and other discoveries.” He added, “This movement in Evansville wants to leverage that legacy while continuing to pursue progress. Evansville is a place where you can have transformative, creative and rewarding experiences. TEDxEvansville will help demonstrate that.”

TEDxEvansville is organized by a volunteer group of Evansville-area community advocates, who are excited to introduce the TED experience to the tristate area and spotlight bright minds and inspiring community members who provoke meaningful conversations and change.